Welcome from VERi, Vintage Enduro Riders incorporated

Next event: Some time in 2017. Stay tuned for details!

Winners of the inaugural Harrow 100 State of Origin challenge: The ACT

VERi Annual General Meeting was held at Harrow at 6pm on Saturday 30 July, 2016.

Elections for committee positions were held, with the Secretary role not filled. Other positions can be seen under The Crew.

A member vote saw a motion to move to Pre 90 defeated, so VERi will operate on a Pre 85 basis for the next 12 months.

A copy of minutes from the meeting will be made available to members in due course.

About VERi: VERi was formed to keep sight of why we started running Vinduros and to be careful to ensure their survival with the original aims set out with the first event at Castella in 2007. The concept has worked as has been proven by increasing attendances and enthusiasm over the years.

These events are non-competitive events on old pre 1985 Enduro and Trail bikes.

They are for enthusiasts who rode the tough events in the '70s and '80s and also for those who didn't ride them but appreciate the variety and quirkiness of the old iron. We are aiming to recreate the look and feel of earlier events with the overnight impound in the Parc Ferme, the ?cold start test?, 1A-1B-1C – three riders per minute, three man teams, rider time cards, flip cards/clocks, check in/check out, route checks and special tests with times kept for your own personal use.

We are moving towards Red Plate events due mainly to the TAC cover and the lack of course restraints; the unregistered bike owners will still have the chance to get out at the Vinduros that are run on private property.

You will find a VERi membership form on this site as well as a VicRoads CPS application form.

Our ?insider emails? keep members up to date with the latest events, info and news and is the first point of contact for all entry forms etc.

We hope to unify the vintage enduro movement and we are negotiating with other interstate interested people to standardize an event format. VERi was conceived as an Australia wide club and our committee reflects this.

We started on an idea and a heap of enthusiasm and the people who put their hand up for positions on the initial committee realise we will need an AGM where the members can have a say in the direction of VERi so stay tuned for an update on this.

So, we hope you want to get involved with the fasted growing vintage motorcycle movement and drag your friends out to an event to let them see the cheap fun you can have with an old trail bike or super restored rocket.

Cheers from the committee.