COVID 19 Plan for 2021 A3VE


Government regulation and good governance require a plan for the conduct of this event to ensure the wellbeing of all involved is managed to an acceptable level.


All riders, officials, team members and other attendees will be required to register contact details with the organisers so there can be tracing in the event of a person attending the event test positive to COVID 19 during or after the event. Contact details will be kept private by the organisers and will only be forwarded to regulators upon request by them or in the event of a positive test by a person attending the event. Registration will be at the event office at the blackwood oval or other registration desks nearby. Details required will be name, contact number and postcode.

Sanitising stations

Hand sanitising stations will be located near the event office, at the special tests and at checkpoints.

Medical services at the event

A medical service managed by a registered paramedic will be in attendance at the event. This service is intended primarily to attend to participants at the event and is not intended as a general medical service.

Social distancing

Attendees are required to conform with acceptable social distancing standards. That is to keep 1.5 metres apart and one person per 2 square metres.

Riders briefing

Due to social distancing requirements the riders briefing will be held outside at the Blackwood Oval.


Should any participant or other attendee feel ill at any stage during the event, particularly with flu like symptoms they must immediately report to an official, provide their name and contact details and seek medical advice.

Situation resulting from a positive COVID 19 test

The matter will be immediately reported to state health authorities and discussion will take place regarding the continuing of the event. A final decision in this regard would rest with the state government.


Checkpoint will have hand sanitisers available and disposable gloves will be available for use in appropriate situations. Social distancing must be maintained at all checkpoints.


Social distancing must be maintained at scrutineering. Scrutineers will wear disposable gloves.

Noise testing

Social distancing must be maintained at noise testing. Testing officials will wear disposable gloves.

Event office - sign in and general enquiries

Social distancing must be maintained at all times. The organisers appreciate this will present some difficulties, but it is in the interest of all attendees.

Respect for organisers

The COVID 19 situation and the consequences of government regulations will present some difficulties for all. Please treat all officials with the respect they deserve in the somewhat difficult conditions upon which the event is operating. COVID 19 regulations and requirements are something beyond the control of the organisers but the organisers have to abide by those regulations.