2020 Calendar of events

VERi Events for 2020

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted enough for us to proceed we are looking at running up to three events: Wandong (August), Beaufort (September) and Harrow (October).

Please note that these locations and dates are only proposed and not confirmed at this time.

Bear in mind that we may have to make changes to the way events have been run in the past, especially regarding the number of entrants and camping arrangements.

We are working with relevant agencies and land-owners, and following government announcements closely

What you've missed in 2019

April 19 - 21: Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza

May 23 - 26: Australian Three Day Vintage Enduro (A3VE)

June 30: Yarram Vinduro

July 27 - 28: Harrow Vinduro

Oct 27: Tallarook Vinduro

Nov 24: Beaufort Vinduro

What you missed in 2018

November 18: Tallarook Vinduro

October 21: Blackwood Vinduro

July 28-29: Harrow (10th anniversary)

July 1: Yarram Vinduro

May 27: Beaufort - Raglan

April 28-29: Three Bridges

March 31-April 1: Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza

What you missed in 2017

March 26: Blackwood Vinduro

April 14 - 16: Shannon's Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza [Vic.]

May 7: Beaufort Vinduro

June 4: Bonnie Doon (at Starglen) Vinduro

July 29 - 30: Harrow 100 Vinduro

October 29: Tallarook Vinduro

Nov 26: Three Bridges Vinduro

What you missed in 2016

March 26 - 27: Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza

May 1: Beaufort

May 29: Tallarook

June 26: Hopetoun

July 30 - 31: Harrow

August 28: Naracoorte (VERi's first interstate event!)

October 30: Castella