Nominations for committee positions

Welcome all
We had great plans for 2021 but a virus scuttled us once again, it's been a total pain but if your still here to whinge then that's a good thing at least.
Our annual general meeting at Harrow didn't come off so we are going to run a virtual meeting from this website.

It is a requirement of an incorporated body that they have elected office bearers so first issue on the Agenda is the election of a new committee.
Committee members need to be able to communicate with each other and plan through what we need to do to keep events running smoothly. By working together we can take the load off any one person having to do to0 much.
If you have skills in dealing with bureaucracies or just wish to be involved then don't be shy in coming forward
If your an "idea's" man (or woman) then all the better.

All positions are considered vacant, please step forward if your feel up to the job.
You may nominate yourself or someone else, you may also put several nominations in however you must be a current financial member to take part
Nominations will finish on Sunday 24th October 2021 at 10.00PM
Officially all nominations need to be seconded so if you wish to nominate yourself get another financial member to nominate you as well.
Simply write your name (or some one else's) next to any of the positions, just leave any irrelevant boxes blank
We will then have elections for those nominated

We also have positions for appointed delegates that the new committee will appoint as helpers and they may appoint more than one person for each role.
If you feel that your not up to taking on a full committee position then you can help in a smaller way by nominating yourself as a delegate

* Name
Membership No

Committee Positions

Vice President
Communications Manager
Secretary Assistant

Appointed delegates

Classic Permit Scheme Officer
Motorcycle eligibility
Communications Assistant
Safety Compliance
Event Assistant
Sweep rider coordinator