Ross Creek Vinduro 2022

Ross Creek Vinduro on 14 August 2022

Held at Terry and Don Guy's property on Staffordshire Reef Rd, Ross Creek.
From Ballarat head into Smythesdale, turn left onto Browns Rd which becomes Staffordshire Reef Rd. Continue on towards Berringa and when you are under the power lines, turn left down the track to the lake.

This non-competitive event is for pre 1988 model bikes that have either full, classic or recreational rego.

All bikes must be silenced to enduro standards.
Riders will be sent off 3 per minute.

Riders briefing will be at 8:30am and event starts at 9am.
The course closes at 2pm.The start area is beside a lake (it sure ain't no dam!) and camping is welcome

Entry via the online form below
Entry fee $80.00 (includes $15 MV levy)
Non members $20.00
Camping $10.00 per person per night
Entries close 8.00 PM 7th August 2022
Entry on the day will be available at the event. Late entry $20.00
Unregistered Vehicle Permits (UVPs) are no longer accepted at VERi events.

There is no onsite catering so please BYO

There is a park/camp area - so early birds can set up on Saturday and wake to the calming water lapping at their campsite. The gently sloping grass area down to the foreshore will be prized so please cosy up with your campers.

Saturday activities beside fishing are from 12 noon, a squirt around a separate loop around a 100 acre pine stand to sort jetting and let anything fall off your bike that's going to.
The terrain favours older bikes as the difficulty factor is low and I'll be clearing any logs etc prior.

The loop is 55km with a 300m two way section and a part where novices can return to the start about 1/5 of the way if they feel like it.

Fires are allowed at this event.
Just avoid putting a match to the piles Terry has formed or we're all going to die...
There are a couple of dead trees that have been diced and sliced but you'll have to bring your splitting axe (which will help ward off arm pump). There's also an old dry wattle that's been dropped that's ideal for kindling too.

Anyone feeling fit enough to go out after 2pm and take arrows down are most welcome, come and let a Committee member know and grab an arrow bag.
It would be great for the guys that put the time in beforehand to put arrows up weren't the ones that have to take them down as well.

Please contact Drakie if you have Friday off to help arrow the course.

Online entry form