Scrutineering at VERi events

Items checked by officials during scrutineering at a VERi event:

Handle bars

  • Balls on ends of all levers
  • Bar ends are plugged
  • Crossbar protection
  • Throttle controls must be self closing
  • Mirrors larger than 50mm in diameter*


  • Effective front and rear brakes
  • Where applicable, disc not warped or excessively worn
  • (At least) one brake light operating from either the foot pedal or front brake lever*


  • Headlight (period correct where possible)*
  • Tail light*
  • Brake light as above under 'Brakes'*
  • Horn*
  • Effective ignition cut-off switch located on handlebars

Wheels / Suspension

  • Bearings
  • Spokes
  • Steering head
  • Swingarm bushes/bearings

Exhaust system

  • Effective silencer
  • Effectively mounted

Drive chain protection

  • Front sprockets must be guarded where the sprocket teeth are further than 30mm from a frame member
  • The chain guard must be fitted in a way to prevent trapping between lower chain and final drive sprocket at rear wheel


  • Footrests must be well rounded and designed so as to ensure no dangerous edges
  • Footrests must not touch the ground at lean unless they are hinged or pivoted and controlled by a return spring
  • Mudguards
  • Centre and side stands which remain on machines must be secured in the closed position
  • Kick starters must be folding
  • No fuel leaks
  • Overall safe condition

* Note: May not apply at closed course events. Check with organisers for clarification in advance.