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VERi has been trialling the use of what3words (W3W) as a location tool at our events.

The use of "pins" via Google maps is also a useful tool, but it does not always provide a 100% accurate location.

What is what3words?

W3W is a project that has divided every part of the Earth in to 3x3 metre squares and given them all a unique three word code that does not change. When entered into the W3W app or website it instantly shows where that square is.

For example, this is the reference for an address in Smythesdale, Victoria: alloy.ditzy.stripped

It would appear as a website URL like this:

You could dictate those words over a phone or send them as a message/screenshot and someone would be able to pinpoint that exact location using the W3W app or website. Sending a screen shot is preferable, so that we can avoid mispronunciation or misreading of the words.

This service is becoming increasingly widespread and has been adopted by emergency services around the world. Australia's Triple Zero Emergency Plus app uses this service.

What does the mean for VERi?

While no method is 100% perfect, 100% of the time, we have found W3W to be very effective.

Thus, we encourage everyone attending our events to download the free Emergency Plus app to your phone beforehand (if you don't have it already). This app automatically picks up the W3W code for your location (as well as the address, latitude and longitude).

You can also download the what3words app if you wish.

Both apps are free.

If you are injured or your bike has broken down, open the Emergency Plus app and take a screenshot of the screen, then send it to the event contact number as described at riders briefing.

You can include any additional info such as your name, bike number and details of your predicament as a text message. Alternatively you can call the number, and then send the screenshot at the conclusion of the call. You should only use the app to call 000 etc if you need emergency assistance.

In addition to this app. VERi will continue to use existing tools such as paper maps, Google maps, sweep riders, and/or section numbering to ensure we can reach you and your bike quickly. It is vital that you do not wander away from your bike or set off on your bike back against the flow of traffic.

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