Club Permit Scheme (a.k.a. Red Plate Rego)

VERi club policy on Club Permit Registrations:

Our legal obligations under the CP Scheme Agreement.

Requirements for the CPS.

The motorcycle must comply with VERi?s policy.

# 1. All applicants must be a financial member of VERi and their motorcycle; once registered is deemed to unregistered if they have not paid the due club fees 14 days after the CPS renewal date.

# 2. Postal address on all Permit applications will be P.O Box 31 Watsonia Vic 3087.

# 3. Motorcycles must be 25 years or older to be eligible or the CPS scheme.

# 4. All applications must have a current certificate of roadworthiness attached.

# 5. Motorcycles produced and sold as motocross models are not eligible even if fitted with the above requirements (prior actual rego papers have to be seen). The only exception is if that actual motorcycle can be proven to be registered previously, or has an ADR compliance plate, or an engineer?s certificate and an RWC.

# 6. VERi CPS for members cars, trucks, hot rods & road bikes must provide a RWC or Engineer?s Certificate. Details @.

# 7. All information will be treated as confidential and will follow privacy regulations.

Process for transfer of CPS Rego from the any other Club to VERi:

We welcome new members & their machines. Club permits are not transferable between individuals, but you can transfer club membership and bring your existing vehicles over to VERi without having to cancel or provide a RWC .

Contact our CPS co-ordinator John Cassidy for further details:

PO Box 31, Watsonia, 3087, Vic