VERi motorcycle eligibility

VERi motorcycle eligibility is based on Pre 88 'Classic' bikes, being all 1987 and earlier models.

This criteria was voted on by members at the 2017 AGM

Models must be designated 1987 models or earlier, 1988 models sold in 1987 do not count

This relates to all motorcycles; trail, enduro, motocross, trials, agricultural, road and postie models.

Models that were released after 87 are only eligible if they are Identical to the 87 model with the exception of graphics, these are what are known as 'flow-on' models

Hybrid builds are fine along with disc brake front ends so long as all major parts are from a 1987 model or earlier

Major components are;

Frame, Swingarm, Engine cases and cylinder/head, Wheel hubs and backing plates, Forks and triple clamps.

A partial list of common of "flow-on" models can be found below.

If you think a model is worthy of being included or excluded then please fill out the box at the bottom of this page and your suggestion will be reviewed.

If any of our wording can be interpreted in two different ways then what ever way you think it means we mean the other way.

The following models were manufactured post 88 however they are identical to their earlier brothers with the exception of BNG (Bold New Graphics) so are welcome at VERi events as (flow on models)


TT350 (all)

TT250 (all)

XT350 (all)

DT175 (all drum brake models)


KDX200 up to & including 1988 (all air cooled models)

KDX250 (all air cooled models)

KLR 650 (up to and including 95)

KLR 250 (all)


88 models


XR200 (all except front disc brake models)

XR250 (up to & including 1989)

XR350 (all)

XR600 up to & including 1987 (twin carbs)


88 models


TS185ER (all)

TS250X (all)

DR200 (Up to and including 1988)

The following models are not considered to be classic Trail or Enduro models and as such are NOT WELCOME at VERi events so please don't ask.

Use of major parts from post 88 models (forks, discs etc.) are frowned upon as they are not in the 'spirit' of the event.

Kawasaki water-cooled KDX 200/250

Yamaha WR range (200/250/500)

Yamaha TTR230, TTR250 & XT225

Honda CRF230F

Suzuki RMX250

No minibikes

Minibikes are not welcome at VERi events.

The general rule of thumb is that bikes must have a minimum rear wheel size of 17 inches, and a minimum front wheel size of 18 inches.

This means that minibikes such as the Honda XR100, Kawasaki KD80, Yamaha MX80, etcetera cannot be ridden at VERi events.

Small sized adult trailbikes, such as the Honda CT125, and Yamaha DT100, are welcome. The Yamaha YZ100, Suzuki RM100 and big wheeled RM80 are also fine (but must have lights fitted, and be pre 88 models).

Any queries should be submitted to VERi eligibility officers before attending an event.

Have a question about eligibility of a certain model?

Please send it to our eligibility stewards.

* Name
* e-mail address
* Make and model of bike in question
* Reason why model should be included or excluded