VERi charter

These events have to be rideable for all skill levels but still a challenge to get around. To that end, VERi has aimed to create challenging courses that will make the faster riders think and yet let the slower riders through with some perseverance.

Once you have finished the course you should feel a sense of achievement in completing it and have spent enough time on your bike to understand its strengths and weaknesses and pushed your physical boundaries too. The course was always 'sight unseen' and riders had to deal with obstacles and challenges as they came upon them.

Enduros have never been for the enthusiast with the mega spec bike he doesn't want to get dirty. These bikes are best kept for displays and to let us marvel at their beauty. A truth is that most enduro rider's bikes were less than perfect as they were thrashed for hours or days. Vinduro should also aim to provide a challenge for casual riders who would normally be happy riding around a paddock.

If Vinduro does seem a little daunting we also put on Club Permit Scheme (Red Plate) Rides that are a lot more social.
Notes / thoughts about the above:

# 1. You have to love old enduro/trail bikes.

# 2. As numbers increase we need to ensure that bikes are pre 1988 and fitted with a working headlight, tailight and a quiet muffler.

# 3. We need to work towards all bikes licenced to Red Plate (Club Permit Rego) standards so we can use longer loops in the State forests. (See attached doc on VERi requirements for rego).

# 4. This is not just a 'drag out your old VMX bike and stick a modern headlight and a red postage stamp on the mx rear guard' event. Get into the spirit. Convert it to Club Rego spec.

# 5. Keep it pre 1988, as by then (in fact by 1981) bikes were ergonomically similar to modern bikes. The easiest bikes to ride in the bush are the pre 1980 ones with decent suspension travel and manageable seat heights.

# 6. Perfectly restored bikes are encouraged but the nature of enduros means they will get more wear and tear than mx. There is nothing better than seeing a mint bike in the pits, and it's understandable if you don't want to ruin it. Competitive enduro bikes have always been a bit ratty and there is no shame in riding an old 'beater'.

# 7. Course bottlenecks are to be avoided and organizers have never set out to create stoppers. But invariably it happens so chill out and wait for it to clear or pitch in and help the less experienced through.

# 8. Modern bikes should not ride the course, unless carrying photographers and the only moderns should have an 'M' for marshal and help out riders who are stuck or broken down.

# 9. Random prize/product give-aways to emphasise the fun aspect.

# 10. We often offer finishers medals that are just that – recognition that you have completed the course.

# 11. Vinduro aims to be a test of yourself against the course, not competitively against each other.

# 12. Vinduro should be a cheap sport. Any old bike will get you around and you will have a lot of 'quality'
time with, it not just rushing around a track in 10 minute bursts.

# 13. We also want to create a stand-alone series of Vinduro events that are consistent in organisation. Interstate interest and co-operation is growing too.

# 14. We can supply the paperwork for an MV/MA Competition Licence too if you wish to race any other events.

# 15. VERi members get a discount to our club events.

Cheers from the committee.