Harrow 2010 by Roger Harvey

Did you see:

The gray cat in main street

The stuffed cat in window frame halfway up the pub's stairwell

The size of farmer Lachie's tree trunk fires

That awesome special test scramble track set into the hill

The Frontera flip it

Dave Alsop's smoke trail

The amazing road leading into the property

The mobs of roos all day long

The state of the pub accommodation rooms

The home-cooked food in cafe next to pub

Drakey's Skull 'n' Crossbones on that red-dot marker

Ha Ha, and the soapbox derby race karts in front of the old work shop
Moto Mac giving birth to his old football team, in the old dunny next to the jail for not winning the flag.
bumping or head on the roof of the pub when downing a nice cold ale.
That Smoke trail was there the next morning.

I thought you were doing your weekday job, Dave - (spraying for that locust plague they reckon is coming).
Seriously Dave ... I was so glad you made it to Harrow. And happy to see you out there riding. Was that a 'Gary O'Brien' look ... with the orange overalls?

I spoke to Lachie heaps of times over weekend. He was loving the whole scene. He was right into it. Here's hoping he pulls through.

And I hope Drakey pulls through too ... having worked his butt off over past month and more for Harrow. And what a bonus, having that mx track from heaven ... for free use all Saturday. It was Legend. Magic dirt. Thanks, Classic Scramble Club.

And thanks Steve Juzva ... for the rides.

Lauchie was an excellent host, sorry to hear of his injuries, I hope he recovers OK.

Lauchie far right, Mark Hill, Stacey Heaney & Phil.
Enjoying a Sat. night campfire

Below: (Left)
Looks like an oil-change happened next to Drakey's bed at the Harrow pub. Lots of cables for your electrical pleasure too. Drakey was whinging in bed about the "disco" noise downstairs (even with his ear-plugs in) on Saturday midnight. So ... one guess where bucketmouth Hammond was? Yes, Dave was in the bar (of course) - directly in front of the music box - and telling stories.

Below: (Right)
After a few days living in pub, Drakey had the run of the joint. Here he helps himself to breakfast milk inside the cook's kitchen.

BELOW: (Left)
Saturday morning, and Steve Juzva is laughing with Laurie Alderton here. They are probably agreeing that their Maicos are better than Ballard's. Laurie had to leave Saturday arvo, for a family function in Melbourne. Good on him for making it.

Steve wasn't laughing on Sunday when - on his second loop - he forgot where Drakey's 'Skull and Crossbones' sketch was; and hit the hole. Steve also saw a Kwaka try and clear the hole after he missed the warning too. Big crash.

BELOW: (Right)
Lachie Turner isn't just the land owner. He is patron of the club, and was happily there all weekend. He lights a mean fire. What a beautiful property, Lochie! He is drinking a cuppa fresh out of Rod MacDonald's always boiling black cauldron ... just behind the sign-on tent. Hang in there, Lochie.

Christian, who lives near Sean Hamilton. Christian helped mark out the track, but it didn't stop him from nearly getting lost on Sunday too. That's his Husky 240, saved from the tip by himself and Sean. We let him onto the 125 Husky team, after Sean couldn't make it due to a family illness.

The cat skeleton (halfway up back stairs of pub) has a purpose: folklore says a cat in the wall ... can ward off witches and curses, or engine-oil changes in the mid-1950s bedrooms.

This is the bike in that banner. The banner went home in the Juzva truck. Hopefully, other teams can bring banners in the future

A few of us watched Greg Gunn playing with this Frontera's balls on Saturday. Clutch rod problems, which were later saved. The Fronty, however, could not be saved from a wind-over near end of first loop on Sunday, much to the joy of watching crowd. It was a long and graceful mono ... that just went a bit too far.

Poor Dave Alsop barely had time to turn his car off, when a mob of mates surrounded him and started uncoupling the KTM 125. He was hustled to the carboot, and ordered into his gear. A bewildered Dave suited up in a fluster, and was duly shoved onto the too-tall KTM. After promptly nearly falling off the other side of the bike, Dave cleaned her out on the uphill, then hit the track.

Berwick blokes - Keith; Richard Symons (not well enough to ride his DT2); and Cam Gilbert. Keith and Cam braved the Victorian countryside on roadbikes, arriving around 8 pm Saturday night. Richard and son 12-year-old Max were first car at scene of Lochie's crash.

More Alsop action.

If you don't have a route card holder, my advice is not to put it in your boot. This is the result of creek water; one lap of vinduro; and a several laps of scramble track