The VERi committee members welcome you...


Geoff Morris


Peter Drakeford


Karen Flowers

Vice President

Greg Gunn

Communications Manager

John O'Brien

Memberships Officer

Karen Flowers (VERi Treasurer)

Membership forms, cheques and other related correspondence (NOT event entry forms or UVP requests) should be sent to:
PO Box 472
Victoria 3844

Or can be emailed to;

Classic Permit Scheme (a.k.a. red plate rego) Officer

John Cassidy

P.O Box 31
Vic 3087

Communications Assistant

Geoff Davis

Appointed delegates

The positions of Memberships Officer, Classic Permit Scheme Officer and Communications Assistant are appointed by the committee (not by election).

The VERi committee has also appointed several club members, including but not restricted to positions/responsibilities as listed below:

Paul Kalika - Motorcycle eligibility
Rachelle Wilkinson - First Aid & Event Entries
Mick Pettifer - Safety Compliance
George Goddard - Safety Compliance
Jamie Aked - Safety Compliance
John Douglas - Event Assistant

The committee reserves the right to appoint members to nominal positions, and to delegate responsibilities to members as required.