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4 May 2021

The COVID plan for the upcoming A3VE has been posted under the A3VE section of this website.

We ask that all attendees comply with instructions and requests from officials while at the event. This includes entering your details via QR code every day that you attend.

A3VE entry list updated
30 April 2021

The latest entry list is now available. Please note that we will be starting riders as per class as shown in this list. However, the final order may yet change before the event.

Also, there are still some riders who need to confirm their bike details before the event. Please inform the Club Secretary ASAP - Peter Drakeford | Ph: 0422 299 003 | e:

No camping in the A3VE trailer/vehicle parking paddock

29 April 2021

It is important that all A3VE attendees are aware that there is no camping allowed in the small paddock adjacent to the Blackwood oval service area. This includes sleeping in vans, utes, etc.

A3VE Announcement: Teams / Riding together / Age of bike
23 April 2021

VERi is NOT taking team nominations prior to the event. All State, Vase and Club Teams are to be submitted in writing to the scorers on sign-in.

Also, we are no accepting requests from competition entrants to ride with mates. It's tricky enough organising the classes and order as it is! Starting order is by class, and will be in random order as per 1970s enduros. Rally riders however can request to ride on same minute.

Entrants who have not listed the year of their bike will be given the youngest year in that class. Note that age of bike has an impact on handicap assessments.

A3VE rear chain guide requirement explained

21 April 2021

For those riding in the A3VE here's some visual clarification of the requirement that the rear lower chain guide must run onto the rear sprocket. Basically, the guide must stop anything getting between the rear sprocket and the chain.

The white plastic guide in the first picture would be fine.

The metal guide (with finger poised) in the second image is not acceptable, and would need to be modified or extended to close the gap. (Yes, we know there's no chain in the photo...)

Hope this helps!

A3VE competition riders - please check your entry details!
19 April 2021

Thanks to everyone who has entered the 2021 A3VE. We are getting pretty excited as May draws closer, and we hope you are too.

An updated entry list is now available.

We ask that competition riders please check the list, and send us any amendments. There is a lot of missing data for bike makes and capacity.

Please pass on relevant details via email to

Competition entries for 2021 A3VE now closed

18 April 2021

Competition entries for the 2021 A3VE have now closed. VERi will not accept any late entries. An updated list of entrants will be published soon, and we ask riders to let us know if any details need to be amended.

More announcements for entrants coming soon, so stay tuned.

2021 A3VE entries so far
11 April 2021

VERi is delighted with the number of riders who have committed to the A3VE thus far.

Check out the latest entry list *

There have been some issues with the data, so if you have entered and see something amiss, or can fill in some of the missing info please inform the Club Secretary ASAP - Peter Drakeford | Ph: 0422 299 003 | e:

Don't worry - all required info will be sorted before the event starts.

And if you want to see you name on the entry list, there is still time to enter this unique and challenging event!

* updated again, 13 April 2021

Entries still open for 2021 A3VE

8 April 2020

It's not too late to enter the Australian 3 Day Vintage Enduro. Entries close on 17 April 2021.

The early bird entry fee for competitors is no longer available, and the standard $350 fee applies.

The wording on Ridernet home page can be misread as the fee now being $300 + $350, but this is not the case.

A note about enviromats and fire extinguishers at the 2021 A3VE

8 April 2020

The A3VE Supplementary Regulations state the following:


All riders must have a minimum 2kg, dry powder A:B (E) class, working fire extinguisher in their pit area. Absorbent but fuel proof Enviromats must be used for refueling. 2020 MA MoMS state size must be at least wheelbase long and bars wide, 5mm absorbent material able to take 1 litre and have a waterproof sole.

Neither of these items are "optional".

Event officials will be checking that competitors are complying with this requirement throughout the event.

The pit area is on a local sporting oval, and we want to avoid any damage from spilt fuel and fluids.

Please note that the mats that were available from VERi at the 2019 A3VE are NOT compliant for this event.