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This page is for VERi members (only) selling motorbikes and related items, Members who have businesses can also offer discounts and other deals to their fellow members.

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Motorcycles for sale

Ossa Super Pioneer 250


Ossa Super Pioneer 250. Desert model tribute bike. Good condition. Koni shocks. Nice fork chrome. Lights need to be connected. Been unused awhile but running happily when put away. A nice ride and a strong engine. $3500. Located Victoria 3058.

Phone: 03 9350 4417 (business hours) or email

Listed 26 September 2018

Terms and conditions

* Open to financial VERi members only
* Sale items must be motorcycle related (can be road bikes, or non-vinduro bikes for example). This can include helmets, bike lifts, tools, jerseys, magazines, etc
* Members can advertise their businesses, and can also offer discounts to non-members. I don't think that offering a discount to fellow members should be a pre-requisite.
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