Parc Ferme & tips

Please note that the 2020 Australian 3 Day Vintage Enduro (A3VE) has been rescheduled to 6-9 May 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation.

A3VE headquarters map

See below for map of start area, including work spaces, parc ferme, sign-in and more.

Please note: The details in the map above are subject to change

Promo video

Check out the A3VE promotional video for 2020

2020 A3VE competitor entry list

Competitor entry list as at 8 March 2020.

Time card enduro tips

We've had a few questions about how exactly the time card format enduro works, so here's a summary that might help:

"I just ride as fast as I can each day, as long as I'm not late right?"

Wrong! You get penalised for being late AND being early. Your number is what's referred to as your 'minute'. Riders will be sent away three per minute, numbered 1A/1B/1C and so on.The aim is to go through the check points when the number displayed on the flip cards matches your number.

"What's the best plan?"

Let's say that you leave on minute 15, arrive at the check point and the flip card says 16, then you have that minute added to your overall time. You've gained a 60 second (60 point penalty). Also, you will be 'moved' to minute 16 for the rest of the day, and this will be your new minute. You revert back to your assigned minute at the start of the following day.

If you leave on minute 15, and arrive at the check and the flip card says 10, then you are early. The smart play would be to wait about until your minute (15) comes up before checking in. If you don't, you'll get 5 minutes (300 points/seconds) added to your overall time.

So, being exactly on time is the aim; being late or early is equally bad.

The only exception is when on the special tests, where you go as fast as you can. But getting great special test times can be undermined by poor adherence to your allocated minute.

"How do I 'hour out?'"

If you end up being a total of 60 mins late over the course of a day you are out. And, if you somehow manage to be a total of 60 mins early during the day (almost impossible) you are also out.

"Can I make up late time penalties, by being early later on (or vice versa)?"

No. The objective is to stick to your minute. Once you've accumulated penalties for being late or early they can't be undone by doing the opposite later on.

"Will riders have an idea of what the time frames are for each loop?"

Yes. An itinerary will be available at the event outlining the loops for each day, and the time that's been allotted for them. A watch might come in handy if you want to monitor your own progress. A trip meter might also come in handy for keeping an eye on how far along your are in terms of distance.