2019 Australian 3 Day Vintage Enduro
May 23-26, 2019, Blackwood, Victoria.

Final A3VE results by class.

Final outright A3VE results.

A3VE medal calculation.

Live results from the A3VE.

Progressive A3VE results as of day 2.
An in-depth report on the A3VE by Odd Bod Racing (Qld).

Final instructions

The only Riders Briefing will be in the Blackwood Hall, Thursday 23 May at 8pm. The Mayor of Moorabool Shire, Cr Paul Tatchell, will be welcoming you and flagging you off next morning at 10.30am

Thereafter, riders will contact their Jury Representative for the following days information.Jury meetings will be held each night with a rep from each state. Jury members(including the Steward and Clerk of Course) are Victoria - Frank Gogol, NSW– Rob Shoemark, Qld – Geoff Udy, ACT – Mark Boddy, SA & WA – Chris Giza.

Time schedules will be posted on VERi FB and in the rider's info on sign in.

There will be A & B time schedules depending on the weather.

Food: apart from the BW pub, PO Café and Martin St Café and Garden of St.Erth Café, the Greendale pub is 10 minutes towards Ballan, which is 7 minutes further on with two pubs, a Pizza and a Chinese take away and a great Indian place.

Trentham is 15 minutes north with a pub and a few eateries.

Fuel is hard to get to; the 2 servos are on the highway bypassing Ballan and you have to travel through and out of Ballan to get to them and then back again thru Ballan and thru to BW. Trentham has a servo to the north of town 9-5 only.

Classes: V1 (Pre 76) all ages, V2 (Pre 80) all ages, V3 (Pre 84) all ages, V4 (Pre 88) all ages, VR, and a new class VO for those riders over 60yo. Riders qualifying for VO will still ride in their respective bikes V class but will be scored in that class as well as the VO class. Remember, trophies for 1, 2 & 3 will be awarded in all classes and 4 first place trophies for the best State Trophy Team and 3 for the Club team. VR riders completing the 3 days without "houring out" will receive a finishers medal. Team nominations can be handed directly to the Scorers before the event.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will not be handed out at the finish but rather mailed to you after the event.

Repack your muffler! Check your lights (stop, tail and head). Crossbar pad! Rear lower chain guide must run onto the rear sprocket (new MA rule). UVP bikes must conform to Victorian Rec Rego – mirror and bulb/electric horn.Helmets (AS1698 or Euro equivalent – no camera mounts) and boots are to be brought to scrutineering. Remember, you are responsible for keeping your timecard dry and safe for presentation at the Controls.

There will be limited workshop facilities in Blackwood. Contact David White for availability. David White is also the Parc Ferme manager, see him if any repairs are necessary.

Service area: No vehicles allowed on the oval! Sorry the Blackwood Cricket Club value their turf (and Drakie his backside) You will have to park in the Service Area carpark/paddock and wheel or carry your gear in. No security bar locking the paddock gates and the Parc Ferme overnight.

Remember too, that skinny bit of a gravel path around the perimeter is all we are allowed to ride on. Locals still want access and use that path as a walking track so be aware you?ll be sharing it with walkers at different times of day.

Riding/tuning your bikes prior to Sign In: As riding on the course is forbidden, you?ll have nowhere to ride around BW so I suggest driving back towards Greendale and parking at Charcoal Track that runs off the main Greendale-Trentham Rd. (Coming up the hill from Greendale it?s at the crest on the LHS) We aren?t using this area down to Dales Creek (the actual creek) so you can play around in there.

Sweep riders are not there to help you or push/ride your bike out of trouble – only to tow you to the nearest road for pickup once all steps to fix your bike are exhausted.

Traffic marshals in VERi fluro must be obeyed.

A shuttle bus will run between the Blackwood Camping Ground and the Start in the mornings.

No vehicles allowed on the oval to set up tents etc. Gear will have to be carried from your vehicles parked in the adjacent paddock to your spot on the oval perimeter.

Riders unsure if their bike will do 65km between refuels at the start/Parc Ferme area can send out a container to the Non-Service Controls halfway around the loops. A ute will be nominated to carry these fuel containers – maximum 10 litres.

These forests are very popular for trailriding/4WDs so be aware that on coming riders will suddenly appear. We will put out warning notices of this event at the popular parking spots.

Course change: Unfortunately we?ve had an issue with the use of the Enduro Test above the school – it contains native grasses that are protected as advised by the local Landcare Group. As as a consequence we have had to cancel this test we were to use twice a day. However the Cross Tests will make up for it we're sure.

The emergency number is 0487 285 206.

Please note: All details subject to change.

(Updated 14 May 2019)